​Top 6 Best Modern Doors with Glass

​Top 6 Best Modern Doors with Glass

Posted by Amanda On 14th Jun 2021

Top 6 Best Modern Doors with Glass

Modern interior doors can be a great way to upgrade your space. Swinging Café Door specializes in  double swinging modern interior doors, making the most of function and space. We continue to build custom doors to fit each customer's door opening size. These doors are custom built to your specs including the door opening size, height, while allowing for minimal gaps needed for hardware. We offer double and single swinging doors.

Modern Interior doors can be used for a wide variety of applications including a kitchen door, butler door, restaurant door, commercial space, kitchen pantry, bathroom, office, and bedroom door. Since the doors are swinging, they can be installed where a traditional door would not function. These doors are easy to install and fully prepped for the hardware. If you have an application where a traditional door will not fit, swinging doors are a great alternative. Since these modern doors use double action hardware, the hinges will self- return the doors to center.

Here are the Top 6 Modern Door Designs with Glass

1. Modern Contemporary Glass Double Swinging Interior Doors

Modern Glass Double Swinging Interior Doors

  • The Modern Contemporary Glass Double Swinging Interior Door offers several panels of glass. The number of glass panels does depend on the length of the doors. These doors are one of our best-selling modern doors. The doors can be purchased in door openings up to 48” wide. The doors can be made in heights from 38” to 95” tall, providing a little or as much privacy as you desire. These modern doors are meant for interior use and can be used in a commercial or residential setting. The Modern Contemporary Glass Double Swinging Interior Doors offers either clear or frosted glass.

2. Swinging Modern Interior Shaker Panel Doors with Glass Window

Modern Shaker Swinging Double Interior Doors

  • The Swinging Modern Interior Shaker Panel Door with Glass Window features one panel of glass; this window can be frosted or clear glass. The doors are a great option for a commercial setting allowing for some visibility, but keeping some privacy for kitchen/staff. These doors are offered in a variety of heights and door opening sizes. The doors can be customized including different wood material and finish options.

3. Maritime Double Porthole Nautical Swinging Doors | Butler Doors

Maritime Double Swinging Porthole Doors

  • The Maritime Double Porthole Nautical Door is a unique design that adds a nice modern contemporary flair to your kitchen, living, or pantry area. Each door has a porthole window that we can customize for size and location. Whether you are installing them in a commercial kitchen or a residential application, they will be a beautiful design element to your room. The  Maritime Double Porthole is available in 38”, 42”, 48”, 60”, and 70”-95” tall doors. The doors can be customized for your exact door opening and features double action hinges that self-return to center.

4. Maritime Porthole Nautical Single Swinging Door | Butler Door

Maritime Nautical Single Porthole Door

  • The Maritime Porthole Nautical Single Door is a simple single door design that is very popular in kitchen settings, both commercial and residential applications. This style door comes in a variety of height and door opening size options and will be custom made for your door opening size. The porthole window can be clear or frosted glass. The porthole doors will add a unique design to your room by adding a more modern contemporary flair. These doors are available in width up to 48” for double doors and 36” for single doors.

5. Modern Double Swinging French Doors | Interior Glass Doors

 Modern Swinging Double French Doors

6. Swinging Contemporary Modern Interior Door | Butler Door

Single Swinging Contemporary Modern Interior Door

  • The Swinging Contemporary Modern Interior Door is a full glass, single door. This door is available in width up to 36” wide and from 38” tall to 95” tall. The glass can be clear or frosted, depending on your preference. The Swinging Contemporary Modern Interior Door has double action hardware that allow it to swing in both directions and self- return to center.