Top Reasons to Choose Saloon Closet Doors

Top Reasons to Choose Saloon Closet Doors

Posted by Amanda On 1st Jul 2022

Top Reasons to Choose Saloon Closet Doors

In the past few years, saloon doors have become more popular in closets due to their small size and large visual appeal. Saloon doors replace traditional closet doors or hinged doors and give your closet a modern feel. This option is great for small spaces—and can make even the biggest room feel cozy. But how do you know if this is a good choice for you? Here are the top reasons to choose saloon closet doors that will make your decision easier.

Keeps the mess in:

The first and most obvious reason to choose Saloon Closet Doors is that they keep the mess in, no matter how many times your children open and close them. It doesn't matter if they slam them shut or let them glide back into place; these doors keep your closet orderly and organized, even if you don't make an effort to do so yourself!

They close on their own:

No more leaving the closet door open because you don't want to walk back across the room to close it! This door closes automatically, thanks to its double action hardware design. Now, you'll never have to hear another complaint about the mess in your closet again—it will be hidden away from sight!

Available in Custom Sizes and Heights:

The best thing about saloon doors is that they also come in custom sizes and heights—meaning they can be made to fit your exact door opening size, and you can choose from 38” to 95” tall!

Saloon doors can be ordered with several different features, such as hinges that are either mounted to the side or top and bottom of the doors. Explore your hardware option here.

Easy to Operate and Install:

Saloon doors are easy to operate and install. These swinging doors are simple to swing open and automatically close, making them ideal for those who love their space but prefer a bit more privacy; the doors will close behind you. The installation process is also easy; most of today's swinging door hardware comes with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions for a quick setup process.

Additional Ventilation:

Compared with a traditional door, saloon closet doors offer additional ventilation. This is great if your room gets stuffy or if your closet is prone to mildew or mold due to high humidity and moisture. The doors will have some gaps allowing air to flow thru.

Hand-crafted Saloon Doors

Saloon doors are cut and crafted by hand, which means they're unique and custom-made for your door opening size. No two pieces of wood are exactly the same when staining the doors, you will see all the grain and wood characteristics, so no two doors are going to be identical, either. This means that your saloon closet door will have a personality and style all its own, just like you!

Add Personality and Style to your space

Now that you know each door is unique and different from the next, it's easy to see how adding a saloon closet door can add personality and style to your space. It's the perfect way to show off who you are and what you love about your home in a customized way that can't be beaten.

Efficient use of space

Traditional doors can take up a lot of room when they swing out into the hallway or bedroom. With saloon style closet doors, you won’t have this issue!

Saloon closet doors have a smaller profile than traditional butt hinge doors, which means that you can save more space for your clothes and other essential items inside the closet. Saloon closet doors also make it possible to accommodate a more spacious bed, couch, or desk in the adjacent room.

Great Design Options:

One of the main reasons people choose saloon closet doors is because of their design options. They come in a variety of styles, so you can easily find one that suits your personal style and décor preferences. Here are a few options:

#1 British Brace Interior Barn Doors

This look is a classic. The two-panel design is simple but eye-catching. Plus, it's durable and trendy.

#2 Colonial Raised Panel Saloon Doors

This style gives off major colonial vibes—think Paul Revere but with more doors and less horses. The raised paneling gives this door a cozy feel, perfect for any living room or bedroom.

#3 Modern Contemporary Glass Panel Swinging Doors

Want to give your closet some contemporary flair? Check out these glass panel swinging doors (bonus points if you install them in an enclosed loft!). They're simple and sleek enough to blend with any modern decor, but their unusual shape will be sure to get people talking.

#4 Custom Plantation Louvre Doors

These aren't just doors; they're works of art! Each door is custom made, so you can choose the color and finish.

Adding some saloon doors for your closet will give you the privacy that you need and a easy to function doors that will be as stylish as you! 

No matter what door style that you pick you will enjoy the function and design elements of your swinging saloon doors. The doors will provide the privacy necessary while allowing air flow to continue into your closet.  The best of both worlds! Start shopping for your closet saloon doors today.