When To Use Commercial Grade Spring Double Action Hinges

When To Use Commercial Grade Spring Double Action Hinges

On 6th Nov 2020

Saloon doors can have a wide variety of hinge options. Are commercial grade spring hinges right for your application?

Let us explain and explore the Commercial Grade Spring Hinges which are a traditional double action hinge. 

Commercial Grade Spring Hinges are double action hinges, that use a spring to pull the doors back to center. We offer a wide variety of finishes including  Polished BrassSatin BrassSatin ChromeOil Rubbed Bronze and Gloss Black

Oil Rubbed Bronze Double Action Spring Hinge

Best Application for Commercial Grade Spring Hinges

These spring hinges are commonly seen in commercial applications but also work great in a residential setting. The hinges load weight varies based on the size hinge you purchase. The commercial grade spring hinge uses an interior spring to pull the doors back to center. These double action hinges DO NOT have a hold open feature.

How Commercial Grade Spring Hinges work?

Arch Top Raised Panel Saloon Doors

The commercial grade spring hinge uses an interior spring to pull the doors back to center. The adjustable spring is located inside the barrel portion of the hinge. The internal spring can be adjusted to have a faster or slower swing. This internal spring load increases as the doors are pushed open, when the doors are released this spring force will return the doors to center. To achieve the return to center the doors will swing back and forth several time before resting in the centered position. These hinges mount to the side of the doors and take up minimal spacing. The hinges are sold individually. Depending on the width and weight of the doors, the hinge size will vary. Spring hinges range from 3" up to 8" sizes; this size measure the internal spring not the overall length of the hinge barrels.

How to measure spring hinges:

Measurement of Commercial Grade Spring Hinges

These double action hinges exhibit some noise with the operation of the hinge. Due to the design of the hinge, there is metal on metal contact with the double action spring. These hinges do tend to have a faster swing than the gravity hinges. Again, the tension can be adjusted but there must be some tension on the hinge for the hinge to hold the doors in place and operate properly.

Installing Commercial Grade Spring Hinges

Commercial Grade Spring Hinges are installed on side of the cafe doors. Swinging Cafe Doors offers a wide range of double action spring hinges similar to Bommer 3029, Swinging Cafe Doors offers these sizes currently in stock. 3", 4",5", and 6".

Please follow all instructions included with the hinges, including clearances required.

Pro Tip: We recommend pre-drilling all holes before installing the hardware. 

Trouble-shooting Commercial Grade Spring Hinges

Location for Lubrication for Double Action Hinges

If you have a squeaky door that needs fixing, you can start by checking the door hinges. There is nothing worse than squeaky door hinges when the door hinge is closing the door. Double action spring hinges are commonly used in commercial doors, and they can become squeaky over time. To lubricate these hinges, you can use a silicone spray or white lithium grease. First, open the creaking door and locate the area to apply the lubricant. Apply a thin layer of lubricant, and make sure to wipe extra oil using a paper towel. Finally, open and close the door a few times to distribute the lubricant and eliminate the annoying squeak. Regularly lubricating your door hinges can help keep them in good working order and prevent future issues.

When dealing with double action spring hinges, it's important to be mindful of any mess that may occur during the lubricating door hinges. Excess lubricant can attract dust and dirt, creating more friction and resistance in the hinges over time. To avoid this, apply a small amount of lubricant using a cloth or plastic tool. If the hinges are loose or rusty, a coating of white lithium grease can protect them from further damage. If the sound persists, a video tutorial regarding door squeak or professional door repair services can guide you through the fixing process.

If the spring hinge squeaks, you will need to add some oil to the internal springs. Follow these instructions for how to lubricate self closing door hinges (double action): Start by removing the tension from the springs. Then, completely unfold the hinge and you will see a vertical slot from which you can spray in and lubricate the spring. Lubricating at the hinge (locking) pins will not work for double action hinges, the oil must be added, so it can reach the spring located into the barrels of the hinge. An oil spray will make this easier, many lubricants can be used but we recommend 3in1 oil. Use a thin coat and continue to add additional coats if necessary, until the squeaky hinge has stopped.

If the hinge begins to squeak over time, add 3 in1 oil to the internal spring. See instructions above.