9 Types of Interior Doors for your Home

9 Types of Interior Doors for your Home

Posted by Amanda On 27th Nov 2023

9 Types of Interior Doors for your Home

Swinging Modern Shaker Interior Doors

Interior doors can define the style and functionality of your home. If you are building a new home or renovating your current space, then it is a great idea to consider the style and operation of the door. Think if you want to create privacy between two rooms or visually connect the spaces. The right door can help you to maintain the perfect balance and improve the functionality of your home.

An interior door can serve as a major design feature. It can be a great opportunity to accentuate the style and aesthetics of your space. Both the design and functionality of a door can play a major role in defining the aesthetics and ease of mobility through the home. Following are 9 major types of interior doors that can enable you to find the perfect door for your home.

Flush Doors 

Mid Century 3 Lite Flush Swinging Door

Showcasing a flat and plain surface on both sides, flush doors serve as a versatile and economical choice for your home. The classic hinged doors remain perfect for adding privacy and sound insulation to any room. Generally, flush doors are sandwiched between a hardwood veneer or plywood. The doors are available in a durable and soundproof, solid core or in a more lightweight and affordable, hollow core.

Flush doors can easily be stained and painted to suit the style of your home. It has a sleek modern look and simple functionality, making it a perfect fit anywhere from your bedroom and lounge to your bathroom and closet. Being both versatile and easy to maintain, flush doors can serve you for years to come.

Panel doors

Colonial Raised Panel Saloon Doors

Standing as one of the most popular and classic choices, Panel doors offer timeless appeal and charm. The hinged doors are constructed from panels, rails, and stiles to add visual interest to any room. The configuration of the panels can be modified to offer endless design possibilities. You can opt for the classic eight to six-panel door or choose the shaker-style four-panel doors. The doors are also available in two to three panels to perfectly fit your modern home. From traditional to contemporary spaces, panel doors can complement a wide variety of styles.

Wooden panel doors are also great at providing privacy and sound insulation. The panels reinforce the timber against wrapping, swelling, and shrinking to present a durable option for your home. You can use panel doors from your bedroom, lounge, or dining area to your bathroom to add a dose of charm and interest to the space.

French doors

Double Swinging French Doors

Beautifully incorporating glass panes, French doors remain perfect for dressing up any room. Typically, the glass panes extend from top to bottom, covering most of the length of the door. Besides offering classic style and elegance, French doors offer various advantages. The doors remain perfect for visually connecting spaces. It can also allow rooms to share natural light to make any space feel more open and airy.

French doors are popular as both hinged and sliding doors. The doors remain a perfect addition to the living space and dining area. It can offer a dose of elegance while making the space feel open and airy. The doors are also great for brightening up and adding natural light to your kitchen. Integrating classic style and elevated functionality, French doors remain a perfect addition to any traditional or contemporary home.

Double doors

Maritime Half Moon Porthole Doors

Featuring two vertical leaves, double doors remain perfect for adding drama and grandeur to your home. When open, a double door can provide a spacious doorway to give a grand illusion of the space. Physically, double doors work great in accommodating heavy foot traffic and can allow large objects to pass through.

Swinging double doors remain more suited to large spaces. For smaller spaces consider using double doors. The sliding door can offer an obstructed flow of movement to make any space feel more open. Double doors are great for adding drama to large hallways or stairwells. It can also create a grand and welcoming entrance for your lounge, bedroom, dining room, or even home theatre. To make a stunning statement in your space consider installing double doors.

Pocket doors

Being a sliding door, Pocket doors present an innovative and space-friendly solution for any home. It runs on a track and can easily slide open into the pocket or cavity within the wall. This implies that pocket doors do not require any clearance space on the floor or wall. The doors can serve as a great addition to any small and compact space. Pocket doors are available as single and double doors and come in a wide variety of finishes and styles to best suit your home.

The design and installation of pocket doors minimize the gap between the door and frame to offer improved sound insulation. The doors can efficiently divide and partition small spaces such as children's rooms, closets, storage areas, and study. Pocket doors are also perfect for tight spaces like ensuite bathrooms, pantries, and laundry rooms. The doors can easily be tucked away into the wall to provide a good flow of movement and accessibility in these compact spaces.

Bi-fold/ Accordion doors

Being another space-saving solution, Bi-fold or Accordion doors remain a perfect complement to small rooms and compact spaces. Generally, bi-fold doors consist of two wooden panels that can fold and stack together as the door is pulled open. Accordion doors have a similar operation but compromise of more than two panels to provide a wider opening. Each style of door compromises lightweight panels, often including glass panels and wooden slats. The panels are hinged together, allowing them to easily fold and stack.

Bi-fold and accordion doors require minimal clearance space and remain great for partitioning small spaces. The doors are perfect for separating a small living space, study or home office with an open-plan space. Bi-fold doors also work great for reach-in closets and walk-in pantries. You have the choice of accessing stored items without fully opening the door. Both bi-fold and accordion doors can be a great solution for small houses, apartments, and studios.

Barn doors

British Brace Swinging Barn Doors

A perfect combo of style and functionality, barn doors can serve as a dynamic and versatile addition to your home. The doors beautifully expose wooden panels and construction details to offer rich character. Wooden barn doors can bring warmth and natural textures to your home. However, the doors are available in a wide range of styles and finishes to perfectly complement your home.

Besides its robust look and character, barn doors also offer great functionality. While it is also available as hinged or swinging doors, barn doors work great as sliding doors. It includes wall-mounted tracks and rollers that allow the door to slide along the wall. This implies that sliding barn doors do not require any clearance space. It can work great as a space-saving, wardrobe or bathroom door. The doors can also be the perfect addition to a pantry or laundry room, where all the clutter and bulky appliances can hide behind its elegant facade. Sliding barn doors remain great for adding character and efficiently dividing an open-plan or multipurpose space.

Dutch doors:

Dutch Doors

Bringing a touch of history to your home, Dutch doors offer dynamic style and functionality. The door is divided into two halves where the top and bottom can each function independently. This means that the top half can stay open while the bottom remains close to maintain a boundary between spaces. You can open the upper half of the door to allow fresh air and natural light into a kitchen, living space, or hallway. The closed door at the bottom can maintain privacy and create a secure space for kids and pets.

Dutch doors feature paneled designs inspired by traditional doors to add a dose of personality and charm to your space. In most cases, the upper half consists of glass panes to allow natural light to enter the space. Dutch doors can improve the ventilation and quality of light in a room while making a stunning design statement. It can be a great way to maintain privacy and create a secure environment for kids and pets.

Louvered doors:

Louvre | Louvered Doors

Featuring horizontal slats, louvered doors offer great functionality. The horizontal slats run along the length of the door. Each slat sits at an angle to filter natural light and fresh air into the space while maintaining privacy. Louvered doors have proven to be a great way to improve ventilation in humid spaces such as bathroom or basement. In fact, a louvered closet door can create air circulation and prevent your closet from becoming mildewy or smelly.

louvered door also offers chic appeal and style. The crisp horizontal lines of the slats can add design interest to any room. The doors can be used in any place where moisture and mustiness remain a concern. Offering chic style and elevated functionality, a louvered door can be a handy addition to any home.

An interior door can determine the way different spaces in your home connect. To completely separate two rooms opt for flush or panel doors. While flush doors maintain a versatile appeal, panel doors can be a great way to add design interest to your space. If you are willing to connect spaces visually, then French doors remain an ideal option. It includes glass panes that visually connect two rooms and allow them to share natural light. To make a grand statement, opt for double doors that allow for a wide entryway.

For smaller rooms and compact spaces, it is a great idea to opt for sliding doors. A pocket door remains an innovative sliding door that can completely tuck away into a built-in cavity within the wall. It requires no clearance space on the floor or wall. Stackable bi-fold or accordion doors also require minimum clearance space. Lastly, if you want to add chic style and functionality to a space sliding barn doors are a great option. These sliding doors can serve as the perfect addition to a bathroom, wardrobe, pantry or laundry room. The doors are also ideal for dividing open-plan spaces and multipurpose rooms.

Interior doors also offer the opportunity to improve the style and quality of a space. Dutch doors can allow fresh air and natural light to enter the space. It can also help in creating a safe environment for pets and kids. For places that need ventilation, louvered doors can be a great option. To find the perfect door it is important to understand the problem and limitations of your space. Choose an interior door that best suits the style and needs of your home.

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