About Our Cafe | Saloon Doors:

Cafe | Saloon Doors for your modern home, farmhouse, rustic log home or mid-century home. We have designs for any home decor.

We pride ourselves on selling top quality, unique, custom-made swinging cafe doors and saloon doors.  Each set of custom made swinging cafe doors fit our customers' specified style and custom door opening size.  We offer the largest selection of custom cafe doors and saloon doors on the web!  Our selection includes a wide variety of options in design and materials, including red oak, poplar, pine, sapele, cedar, rustic alder, cherry, soft maple and ash.  Swinging Cafe Doors can also professional finish your doors in any Sherwin Williams color or stain red oak using MinWax stain.

We do the hard work for you!  With your door opening size, we will calculate the correct door dimensions, allowing clearance for hardware and space between the swinging cafe doors.  You simply enter your door opening size when adding the cafe doors to your cart.  We then send you everything you need to hang your new set of cafe doors, including the hinges.

Popular Application for Swinging Cafe Doors or Saloon Doors:

  • Cafe Doors are used to separate the Kitchen from Dining or Living Room
  • Cafe Doors are used to separate the Laundry Room from adjacent rooms
  • Cafe Doors are used to separate a Master Bedroom from a Master Bath 
  • Cafe Doors are used to add privacy to Bathrooms
  • Cafe Doors are used to provide a separation for walk-in closets
  • Cafe Swinging Doors can be added to the Pantry in the Kitchen for easy access
  • Cafe Doors can be used as Pet Gates / Baby Gates (The doors can be attached low, with a latch added if desired) 
  • Cafe Doors are commonly used in commercial industries such as Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, & Diners
  • Cafe Saloon Doors have been used by our customers to create actual Saloons
  • Cafe Saloon Doors are great addition to Game Rooms
  • Cafe Doors can be used in the Health Care field (for example, Nurse Stations)
  • Cafe Saloon Doors can be used outdoors
  • Create your own custom application for our cafe doors!
  • See our Saloon Cafe Doors that were featured on the popular DIY Network show, Man Caves-- "Click Here