Swinging Doors for 42- to 48-Inch Openings

Swinging doors are an ideal choice for adding a touch of style to your residential or commercial space while improving the overall traffic flow. Interior swinging doors are easy to install and provide limitless design options, including various wood species, colors and finishes. Styles like saloon doors allow you to cover any amount of the opening you choose while creating the separation you need between rooms. 

Types of 42- to 48-Inch Commercial and Residential Doors We Offer

Swinging Café Doors offers one of the market's most extensive selections of interior doors for 42- to 48-inch openings. Our doors are customizable to nearly any width and can accommodate most door openings up to 95 inches high. Our experts have many years of experience helping customers choose the perfect style and fit that matches their design needs.

Some examples of the swinging doors we supply for 42- to 48-inch openings include:

  • Saloon doors:Saloon doors are perfect for adding a traditional look to your space while providing the efficiency you need to improve traffic. We offer many design options, from raised panels to shaker style to louvers.
  • Barn-style doors: Our barn-style doors are an excellent option for adding a touch of rustic creativity to any area, from bedrooms and bathrooms to closets and pantries.
  • French doors: Our French doors typically consist of two large windows that allow you to brighten up your area by bringing in light from the outside. 
  • Glass doors: Our customization capabilities will enable you to design a door with glass panels in nearly any pattern or configuration. Choose from porthole door designs, glass panel saloon doors, contemporary double-swinging styles and more.

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If you are looking for a company with one of the market's most comprehensive selections of residential and commercial swinging doors, Swinging Café Doors can handle your needs. Explore our options online and choose the best fit for your design preferences. If you have questions or need help selecting the perfect door for your space, call us at 855-343-4903 today.