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Double action hinges will allow a door, gate, pet gate etc to swing back and forth and return to center. These double action hinges can either use spring action or gravity action to operate the doors, gate, etc. The pivot hinge is gaining in popular and offers some great features over the traditional double action spring hinge. Double action pivot hinges will allow for a door to swing back and forth while automatically returning to center.  The pivot hinge will mount to the top and bottom of a door.  The pivot hinges swing from a central point, this allows the hinge to swivel from a central axis.  Pivot hinges can use gravity or spring action for the hinge to operate.

Double Action Pivot Hinges are a popular option for saloon doors.  We offer a wide variety of pivot hinges.  Pivot hinges do have weight limits and width limits and we always recommend staying within the manufacturer specs of the hinges. Double action pivot hinges have a hold open option. This is a great feature for a commercial or residential setting.  The pivot hinge will need to rotate to a certain degree, and then will hold open in space.  If you are walking thru the doors, they will swing back and forth and automatically return to center.  If you push the door to the correct degree normally between 90-125 degrees, the door will hold open.  You can simply just give the door a gentle push to release it from the hold open feature.  The door will then swing and automatically return to center.

A pivot Hinge can be either double action or single action.  We recommend double action hinges for all saloon doors; this eliminates the need for a door stop. Pivot hinges come in a wide variety of grades including standard, premium, and commercial grade.  The commercial grade hinge is going to be more durable but still a great option for a residential setting.  Our most popular pivot hinge is the commercial grade gravity double action pivot hinge.

Commercial Grade Pivot Hinge

Bommer offers a wide variety of commercial grade pivot hinges.  These hinges can hold doors up to 36” wide.   The commercial pivot hinge will have gravity or spring action.  The spring action pivot hinge does have adjustable spring tension, but non hold open feature.  Most gravity hinges will have a hold open feature, and allow for doors up to 30” wide.  There are a wide range of styles, designs and operating features with Bommer double action pivot hinges.   The best option for full length doors are the Bommer 7800 series hinge; the most popular is the Bommer 7812.  The best option for saloon style doors are the Bommer 7512, Commercial grade gravity double action pivot hinges. Bommer offers a wide range of finishes on their hinges.

Hidden Pivot Hinges

Hidden pivot hinges allow for hinges to be fully hidden as the name suggests. These hinges will allow the door to swing in one direction.  The hidden pivots can be mounted near the center of the door opening or near the jamb.  These hinges will require recessing into the door, header and the floor.  This style of hinge will give a sleek design and will allow for the hardware to be hidden, but requires additional work to install. Hidden pivot hinges still rotate from a center axis point, and allow the door or bookcase to open.

Specialty Pivot Hinges

Bommer offers some specialty pivot hinges that are double action. Some use a clamp flange for attaching to the door, jamb or both.  Bommers' wide variety of double action hinges are almost endless.  Bommer uses adjustable spring tension and non-adjustable spring tension.  These styles of pivot hinges are used for gates, commercial, courthouses, and residential applications.


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Here are the key features and characteristics of pivot hinges:

  1. Design:

    • Pivot hinges consist of two plates—one plate is attached to the top or bottom of the door, and the other plate is attached to the door frame or floor.
    • The two plates are connected by a pin or rod, creating a pivot point around which the door can rotate.
  2. Mounting:

    • Pivot hinges are typically mounted at the top and bottom of the door or near the center of the door's height.
    • They can be surface-mounted or concealed within the door and frame for a cleaner aesthetic.
  3. Functionality:

    • Pivot hinges allow the door to rotate smoothly around a central point, enabling the door to swing open in both directions.
    • Doors with pivot hinges can open 180 degrees or more, providing a wide opening.
  4. Applications:

    • Pivot hinges are commonly used in various applications, including interior and exterior doors, glass doors, large entry doors, and doors with unusual shapes or sizes.
    • They are popular in modern and contemporary architectural designs, offering a sleek and minimalist appearance.
  5. Weight Capacity:

    • Pivot hinges are often chosen for heavy or oversized doors due to their ability to distribute the door's weight evenly across the pivot point.
  6. Concealed Pivot Hinges:

    • Some pivot hinges are designed to be concealed within the door and frame, providing a clean and unobtrusive look.
    • Concealed pivot hinges are often used for aesthetic reasons or in contemporary design settings.

Pivot hinges provide a unique and functional alternative to traditional hinges, especially in situations where a door needs to have a wide range of motion or where a clean and modern appearance is desired. They offer flexibility in design and can contribute to the overall aesthetics of a space.

Our most popular double action pivot hinge is the Bommer 7512