Great Tips for Selecting & Installing Interior Barn Doors

Great Tips for Selecting & Installing Interior Barn Doors

Posted by Amanda On 17th Jun 2022

Great Tips for Selecting & Installing Interior Barn Doors

Barn doors have wide-ranging uses. Interior barn doors can be used to conceal an entertainment area, pantry, closet, bedroom, or home office. They can also be used to add different features such as beauty and aesthetics to empty spaces. Installing a ban door in the right place can spruce up your interior. This article offers tips for installing a barn door for interior use.

Sliding Barn Doors

Know the type of door you need for your space.

Sliding barn doors are popular door installations. Generally, they use barn door tracks to keep them in place. These tracks hang outside the room, which means there are some gaps between the wall and the door. They are not great for areas that need effective sealing, such as bathrooms and home studios. This is because noise and moisture can easily escape through the spaces. Make sure you are installing barn doors in the right place.

Barn doors and tracks will need additional space.

A mounting board is recommended for this task. The board makes it easy to install and steady the barn door track. Most barn doors come prefabricated with all their fittings. You must fit them as described. The mounting board is usually not part of the package and you need it because it will hold them firmly and in place.

It has to be level

Leveling the barn doors is key to its stability and longevity. If it is not level, it will often be hard to open or close. The friction will accelerate wear and tear. It will also ruin your overall user experience and functionality. Generally, barn doors would measure a few inches wider than the opening. So, expect any inconsistencies in leveling to have a significant effect on the door. Use a carpenter’s square to ensure that your installations are all at right angles. You may also use a level to ensure that the mounting board is horizontal.

Swinging Barn Doors

Swinging interior barn doors installation is a bit different from sliding doors. Generally, swinging barn doors and hardware should be made to fit your door opening size unless you want a sizeable reveal. The trick to doing that is to ensure that you are measuring everything. The distance from the ground to hinges, from one hinge to the next, from the frames to the next, door sizes, and everything else that can cause a mismatch.

Beyond measurements, you also need to use the right hinges and fit them tightly. The size and weight of the door should determine the hinge size you use. You may also need more than two hinges if there is a risk of sagging.

While a sliding door is usually one, swinging doors come in doubles. Installation of double action hinge alignment is key. Doors mount into a traditional doorway or a non-traditional door opening using trim boards, hence the need to balance them correctly. These doors also take less space than sliding barn doors or a traditional butt hinge door. They are designed to ease traffic flow and are easy to install.

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