How Do Barn Style Doors Work?

How Do Barn Style Doors Work?

Posted by Amanda On 13th Jul 2021

How do Barn Style Doors Work?

Barn Style Doors are a perfect addition to your home. These doors will add a classic, cozy, farmhouse feel to any room. Once you have decided that the barn style doors are a great fit for your home, next is installing the doors. Barn Doors are typically installed with sliding door hardware, but that is not the only option. Barn doors can still install with butt hinges or swinging hinges- single action or double action swinging hinges. The hardware option will determine how the barn style doors works and installs. Read more to determine the best hardware style for your barn door(s).

Sliding Barn Style Doors

The sliding barn style door can be a single door or double doors. The door(s) will need to be slightly wider than the opening (covering the door opening molding if you prefer). The sliding door track will need to be long enough to accommodate the door opening width and each door width. Sliding barn door track can come in a variety of options, be sure to pick the best sliding door track to accommodate your door(s) and opening size. With a sliding door track, the doors will slide open to reveal the doorway. This dramatic reveal is perfect for space where a swinging door can not be accommodated. The door(s) should slide across the whole opening allow the doorway to be clear of the doors. Sliding barn doors can be an installed as a single or double barn door.

Swinging Barn Doors

Double Action Hinges- Swinging barn doors can be a single barn door or a double set of doors with double action hinges the doors will swing in both direction and self-return to center. For a double set of doors, the doors can be installed into a traditional or non-traditional door opening. If the doors are installed in a non-traditional opening, you will need trim boards for the hardware to securing hold the doors. The doors can be installed with minimum work and in an hour or two. Swinging barn doors still have the traditional barn styling, can be custom made for your exact door opening, and height can be customized to full height or half doors.

Single Action Hinges -Swinging barn doors can installed with single action hinges where the door can still self-return to center but in one direction only. The barn doors can still be installed in a traditional or non-traditional opening, but the doors will need to have a door stop included with the install. The doorstop will prevent the doors from being pushed in the wrong direction. We suggest that you install the doorstop against the hinge on the opposite side of the swing. You can pick a single barn door or a double barn door.

Standard Door- Barn Style Door

Barn doors installed with a traditional door jamb will be installed with butt hinges. Butt hinges will allow the doors to open in one direction only, but the hinges will allow the doors to swing 180 degrees in one direction. These traditional doors will swing into the room fully or remain closed. Be sure to accommodate the full swing of the door(s) in your spacing. 

No matter what hardware option you choose for your barn doors, you will love the function and design. The barn doors will add a great design feature to your room and home. Updating your interior doors is a very popular home improvement project and can be done as a DIY project.