​What Is a Pivot Door? How Pivot Door Operated & Functions

​What Is a Pivot Door? How Pivot Door Operated & Functions

On 21st Jun 2022

What is a Pivot Door?

A pivot door, just as the name suggests, it’s a type of door that pivots around one position. Typically, the pivot hinges are placed slightly inside the entrance so that the door can open. This leads to a dramatic entrance door to your home. But pivot hinges can be used in both interior and exterior door applications.

There are many different types of pivot hinges available. The most common pivot hinges are the hidden pivot hinge, a horizontal spring pivot hinge, a commercial grade gravity pivot hinge, or a center hung pivot hinge. Pivot hinges will give your doors a unique and easy swinging option. Pivot hinges are also different from sliding doors because it is pivoted on one location and only that location is stationary. Pivot hinges can be recessed into the door, floor, or mount to the jamb but all pivot hinges allow the doors to pivot from one position.

How does it work?

It uses the dynamics of a pivot. The pivot, also known as the central point or fulcrum, allows an object to oscillate smoothly from this point. In this case, it is the door that oscillates around a hinge. Usually, two specially designed hinges allow the door to smoothly oscillate from left to right and right to left. One pivot is placed at the bottom and the other at the top. All of them are tragically placed directly opposite each other. The architects of pivot doors design them close enough to the frames but still easy to rotate.

Once you determine that a pivot hinge is the best application for your door, then you will need to consider what action is necessary.Pivot hinge comes in a single action- swing in one direction only or double action- swings in both directions. Since they can be designed to open both ways, they are designed to fit smoothly and not snuggly. For an exterior door, a single action would be the best fit but for an interior door, a double action pivot hinge will give the doors more function. The double action will allow the pivot hinge to swing in both directions, no doorstop is required and again the door pivots from one position.

Functions of a pivot door

As one can see, these architectural marvels work well for anyone who needs to accentuate appeal, aesthetics, and authenticity. Most of them use tapered glass or other luxury-grade door materials. Apart from their level of sophistication and diversity, they utilize spaces very well. Pivot doors will offer a grand opening to your home or office. Pivot hinges are becoming a hot new trend for interior and exterior doors. 

You can design any pivot and hinge system that you desire to suit any door configuration of choice. If you need a pivot door installation, Swinging Café Doors offers a wide variety of pivot doors and hinges.