Why Saloon Doors?

Why Saloon Doors?

Posted by Amanda On 18th Jan 2024

Why Saloon Doors?

Today, people are continuing to renovate and improve their home. Whether you are looking at a simple refresh or a full-scale remodeling project, saloon doors are a perfect door option for your renovation.

Why saloon doors? Well, why not! These doors are not your typical western style doors from the wild west movies. Saloon doors are simply doors that have double action hinges that allow them to swing back and forth; self-closing hinges. These doors can be half doors or full height doors. Saloon doors will provide privacy necessary with the ease of function.

Saloon doors are a perfect option for a pantry, laundry room, closet, bathroom or a mudroom. If you are considering saloon doors, continue reading to understand all the benefits of saloon doors for your home.

Buying Guide

Ease of Use

Since saloon doors are installed with double action hinges they do not require a door handle or knob to open the doors. The doors can simply be pushed open with a light push of a hand, hip, elbow, or forearm. The hardware will open the doors allowing you to pass through and then swing back to center.

Self-Closing Hinges

Self-closing hinges will bring the door(s) back to a center closed position. You can simply walk thru the door and the hinge will swing back and forth returning the door to the closed position so you DO NOT need to push the door closed. This feature is perfect for a door opening where your hands are full, for example in a pantry or laundry room. No more closing the door behind you, it will do it automatically.

Double Action Hinges

The double action hinge will allow the door(s) to swing in either direction. Since the door can swing in both directions accessibility will still be predominate. Most door openings will be opened repeatedly; double action hinges can help to reduce high traffic areas.

Practicality | Style

In many cases a door is necessary for function, but sometimes a full-sized door is not necessary. Saloon doors provide a perfect barrier, you can select the height and design of the door and still allow for some visual space to be seen if desired. Saloon doors help to provide an imaginary connection with the attached space.

Easy Install

Saloon doors do not need a door jamb and framing as a standard full-size traditional door. The saloon doors do need to be installed into a stud or trim board to secure them properly to the wall or opening. Saloon doors can be installed into a traditional or non-traditional opening. Saloon doors can be custom made for the exact door opening that you have, no need to trim or cut the doors. 

Saloon doors are a perfect way to add a designer touch to your newly renovated space. Saloon doors come in a wide variety of styles, designs, heights, and finishes. Saloon doors are the perfect interior door to add to your home or business today.