​Best Door Designs for Your Restaurant Doors

​Best Door Designs for Your Restaurant Doors

Posted by Amanda On 11th Mar 2022

Best Door Designs for Your Restaurant Doors

The entrance to a restaurant is a critical part when it comes to creating good first impressions. Before people walk into your restaurant, they notice the entrance first and develop an opinion of what the rest of the restaurant might look like.

If you feel that your restaurant doors could use a creative spark, you are in the right place. We have compiled a guide on types of restaurant doors and some of the best door designs that will increase the aesthetic appeal of your restaurant.

Types of doors every restaurant should have

Restaurants have several doors that serve different purposes. Some of the most common doors in restaurants include:

  • Exterior doors
  • Kitchen traffic doors
  • Freezer doors
  • Exit doors

Below are the different types of restaurant doors.

Exterior doors

An exterior door is the focal point of the entrance of a restaurant. When guests arrive at the restaurant, they notice the exterior door first. After the guests leave the restaurant, the exterior door is the last part of the restaurant they see. Having an attractive exterior door for the restaurant can make a big difference in influencing the type of guests that come to your restaurant. The entrance doors can be single or double doors.

Here is why you should consider installing high-quality exterior doors at the entrance of your restaurant.


Most exterior doors are sturdy and hard. Durable exterior restaurant doors also act as part of the restaurant's branding. A durable exterior door allows your restaurant to make a statement and stand out, instead of installing a different exterior door every year.


Exterior restaurant doors enhance the security of the restaurant. When selecting an exterior door, select an easy-to-use door with lockable features. In doing so, the door will increase the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant during the day and provide maximum security at night.

Freezer doors

Freezers are significant and necessary in any restaurant. The freezers help to keep the food fresh and safe from harmful bacteria. Therefore, freezer restaurant doors need to be reinforced to withstand everyday use. You can seal the doors with gaskets to increase their durability.

Swinging kitchen doors

Swinging doors are excellent for the entrance to a kitchen, bathroom, or bar area of the restaurant. You don't need to close the door behind you. A swinging door opens on either side by being pushed or pulled.

Here are reasons why you should consider installing swinging doors in your restaurant.


Swinging kitchen doors allow the chefs and kitchen staff to carry out their activities away from the eyes of the customers. The customers are also able to enjoy their food without feeling weirdly watched by the kitchen staff.

Decreased kitchen noise

An open loud kitchen can interrupt the peaceful atmosphere in the restaurant and prevent your customers from having a well-deserved dining experience. The swinging restaurant kitchen doors keep the kitchen noise away and provide a serene atmosphere in the restaurant.

Easy to use

Swinging kitchen doors are easy to use because they open in either direction. Employees can gain easy access to the kitchen, In addition, the swinging kitchen doors allow waiting staff to move between the eating area and the kitchen with ease, serving customers efficiently and quickly.


Swinging restaurant doors are preferred in most restaurants because of their durability. Their simple mechanism makes the doors last longer because of their limited exposure to friction and corrosion. Besides, you can close swinging restaurant doors abruptly without jamming.

Most Popular Swinging Kitchen Doors

Porthole swinging doors

Porthole swinging doors are custom-made to fit perfectly into the opening size of a restaurant. If you are looking for beautiful swinging kitchen doors that do not require shimming, cutting, or demo work, then porthole swinging doors are perfect for your restaurant.

Benefits of porthole swinging doors

Elegant design

Small window to allow for visibility

Shaker Panels with Window

Modern shaker panel doors with a glass window are gaining a lot of popularity in restaurants today. They are easy to install and are custom-made. The shaker panel doors are made with different types of wood to suit your preferences, such as red oak, soft maple, rustic alder, and cherry.

Benefits of shaker panel doors with windows

The glass window provides visibility into the next room


Provide a luxurious farm-house design to the restaurant

Commercial Colonial

Also known as swinging café doors, commercial colonial doors provide privacy, swing both ways, and divide spaces in restaurants to maximize mobility. These doors are usually custom-made with raised panels on both sides. Commercial Colonial doors tend to be thicker, increasing the restaurant's security.

Benefits of commercial colonial restaurant doors

The doors have a traditional design that suits vintage-style restaurants

Commercial colonial restaurant kitchen doors are durable

The doors offer privacy

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