Which Brand Of Double Action Hinges Should You Purchase?

Which Brand Of Double Action Hinges Should You Purchase?

Posted by Amanda On 30th Nov 2021

Double Action Hinges- Which Brand to Purchase? Bommer vs Swinging Café Doors Brand Hinges

Double action hinges are great hinges for saloon doors, restaurant doors, and cafe doors. The double action feature will allow for ease of use in any door opening, and the doors will automatically return to the center. The double action spring and gravity hinges will allow the doors to swing and swing, so a strong hinge is very important. Many companies make these hinges, but not all double action hinges offer the same quality and durability. Let’s discuss some of the most popular double action spring and gravity hinge brands.


Bommer double action spring hinges are world-renowned spring hinges. These high-quality spring hinges are double action hinges that can be purchased in many different sizes. Bommer offers the best double action spring hinge with many hinge mounting options. Bommer is manufactured in the USA, with USA steel. Bommer double action spring hinges are offered in 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, and 8” hinge sizes. Bommer also offers a one-year warranty on its hardware.

Bommer also offers a wide variety of specialty hinges (double action spring and pivot hinges), that are only manufactured by Bommer. These specialty hinges are high quality and offer a variety of mounting options for double action hinges. Whether you are looking for a commercial gravity pivot hinge or a clamp flange double action spring hinge, Bommer is most likely to carry a hinge style like that. Bommer does work with distributors for their products. Swinging Café Doors is proud to be a Bommer Distributor. So, no matter what type of double action hinge you need, we can help you.

Bommer is currently experiencing a longer lead time than normal. Bommer is continuing to improve production and strive for lower lead times. Bommer high-quality hinges do come at premium pricing and have included a large raw material increase recently. Sometimes, Bommer is going to be the only manufacturer for certain specialty hinges. Remember Bommer hinges also come with a one-year warranty.


Swinging Café Doors hinges are a quality double action spring hinge in several sizes and finishes. These hinges are still a quality hinge that is comparable to a Bommer hinge. Both hinges are very similar in design, Swinging Café door spring hinges are offered in 3”, 4”, 5", and 6” sizes. The spring hinges also offer comparable specs for the hinges. The Swinging Café Doors spring hinge offers a competitive double action spring hinge in 4 finishes- brass, satin chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and gloss black. Swinging Café Doors hinges are in stock and can ship the same day or the next day.

Swinging Café Doors also offers a wide variety of standard pivot hinges in several finishes including brass, satin chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and black finishes. These standard gravity hinges work perfectly for saloon-style doors up to 30 lbs. Swinging Café Doors also just launched a line of double action spring hinges in a stainless-steel finish. The same 3”, 4”, and 6” hinges are now available in stainless steel. These hinges are perfect for outdoor gates or doors.

In conclusion, Bommer hinges offer the best spring hinge at a premium cost and longer lead time. Swinging Café Doors offers a competitive hinge for a good price and same-day, next-day shipping. Bommer and Swinging Café Doors hinge door sizing specs are very similar. Swinging Café Doors hinges can hold thicker doors than Bommer on the 3” and 4” sizes. Please refer to the spring hinge sizing guide for all the hinge specs.


There is a large variety of double action hinges on the market. The quality of these hinges also varies greatly. We recommend researching each company to ensure you are getting a high-quality hinge.

Swinging Café Doors is proud to offer a strong durable double action hinge. Swinging Café Doors has been selling its brand of hinges for over 15 years. These quality hinges work well for both commercial and residential applications.

When researching different hinge manufacturers, be sure to compare the door sizing specs. Make sure when you select a door hinge that the hinge can hold your doors’ thickness, width, and weight. Swinging Café Doors does not recommend going outside the hardware specs.