It's Open: A Guide to Choosing Doors for Your Business

It's Open: A Guide to Choosing Doors for Your Business

Posted by Amanda On 11th Oct 2021

It's Open: A Guide to Choosing Doors for Your Business

When your customers step into your business, what's the impression you want to give them?

Maybe you want your restaurant to inspire them with trendy, Pinterest-worthy decorations. Maybe you prefer a luxe, high-class environment that inspires relaxation. The interior of your building says a lot about your business and can influence the way customers view you.

One way to make a statement is by choosing doors that suit the atmosphere you want. Kitchen doors, bathroom doors or social distancing doors, how do you choose double swinging saloon doors for your business? That's what we're covering today, so you can choose the right doors that say, "Come on in!"

Decide on Materials and Color

Think about the style of your business and the colors that you want to use. Create a color scheme and decide on the materials you like.

For instance, you might like the look of rustic wooden doors, but what type of wood do you want to go with? Do you prefer lighter woods, like cedar and pine, or darker hardwoods like walnut?

Cafe doors come in many different colors and styles, and you can even choose from a variety of stained finishes. White doors can brighten up a room, while darker colors can look classy or rustic, depending on the style.

Did you know there's a new design trend right now involving saloon doors? If you love the look of glass doors, you're in luck! Saloon doors with glass look elegant and modern and offer an interesting twist on the classic cafe door style.

Consider the look and theme of your business, and remember to think about how your staff or employees will use these doors. If you're in the food business, you might want doors that swing both ways for ease of access but also help muffle the noise of the kitchen.

Choose a Style

Style and color go hand in hand, and you might be surprised by all the options available to you. Not only are there different lengths when it comes to a cafe door for commercial buildings, but there are different designs you can pick as well. Here are a few of the most common interior styles:

  • Arch-top
  • Colonial
  • Plantation Louvre
  • Beadboard
  • Barn style
  • Cottage
  • Modern
  • Spindles
  • Glass windows
  • Porthole
  • Butler doors

There are even more styles that we can offer you, plus you have the choice of customizing doors for even more options! Whether you want traditional saloon-style doors or a more modern design, you can find just about anything to match your business.

What's the best style for commercial building doors? That depends on how you need the doors to work and their purpose.

For example, full-length butler-style doors are ideal for restaurants. Use one in the kitchen to allow easy access in and out, even when someone's hands are full. Full-length glass doors make excellent dividers between parts of your restaurant, such as reservable, private dining rooms.

Choosing a Size

You'll need to measure the door opening before ordering doors. Cafe doors are available in different door opening sizes, they can be custom made to fit your exact door opening, from 24" to 60" or so.

The process for measuring for an interior door and saloon door is similar. However, there are a few differents as well.  Also you need to consider the types of door openings (pre-hung, cased, hallway, and rough). When ordering saloon doors, you will need a finished opening size. Use our guide on how to measure for custom saloon doors (including non-traditional openings) to make this process easy. The door hardware does need to hit a stud, so if no studs are available in your opening trim boards will need to be used.

There's also door height to consider when measuring for interior saloon doors. Saloon door heights start at 38" and go up to 95" for the tallest openings. However, the most common height is either 42" or 60" tall.

That said, what's the ideal height for your commercial doors? Again, that depends on their use.

If you want noise reduction, more separation, or to hide something from view, you'll want to go with full-length doors. Full-length doors are often used to separate a kitchen from a customer's view, for instance. These full-length doors can have a window in them, allow servers to see thru.

If you just want a slight separation but you're not trying to hide anything or muffle any sound, shorter doors may work. Shorter doors also let you look into the other area and allow for more ventilation between the rooms.

Match the Front Door

What's the front door of your business made from? Is it glass, steel, wood, or aluminum, maybe? If you want to create a cohesive look throughout your business, match the style of your interior doors to your exterior door.

That doesn't mean it has to be the exact same material or color. But if you have a glass front door and you like the look of a bright and airy space, consider choosing saloon doors with glass windows to match.

If you can't match materials, you can match colors or go with doors that complement one another. For instance, a nautical-themed restaurant might have a wooden front door but sea blue butler doors inside with porthole windows.

Set a Budget

Now that you know what you like, how much can you afford?

Before you purchase your new doors, you'll need to have a set budget or price range in mind. Certain styles or materials might be out of your price range, but you can always find a door that complements your business without having to compromise.

  1. Once you have the perfect door in mind, you can decorate the rest of the building (even on a budget)!

Need More Help Choosing Doors?

Now that you know more about choosing doors for the interior of your business, you can get started and order your new cafe doors.

Take a look at all the different styles we have available. And don't forget, we can also create custom doors for your business! Send us a message if you have any questions or need assistance choosing doors.