​What do Modern Interior Doors look like?

​What do Modern Interior Doors look like?

On 18th Aug 2021

What do Modern Interior Doors look like?

Modern doors have a wide variety of style and design options. All modern doors have these features in common: bold, sleek, and alluring. Let us explore the most popular style of modern interior doors in 2021.

Replacing your interior doors is one of the “best value” in interior home renovations. These interior doors can make a large impact. Adding modern interior doors can be a easy way to add some modern elements to your home. This simple change can have a large effect on the home overall design. Here are the top 5 elements of modern doors.


The addition of glass to an interior door will be a classic modern design element. Glass today comes in many options: clear, pattern, design or frosted. The addition of glass to your interior doors will help with the lighting, reflective, and add an overall more open feel to the room adjacent to the doors. Glass is a modern element that will continue to be included in both interior and exterior doors.

Panel Design

Modern interior doors continue to include elements that are clean and contemporary. Shaker, Flat Panels, or even Flush doors are the hottest new trends for modern doors. The simple lines make for a more contemporary overall feel to the doors and adds a modern touch whether you are picking wood or glass for the panel or a combination. The panels are normally equally sized to one another. The rails and stiles of modern doors are normally oversized and wide to help give a contemporary feel to the interior doors.

Wooden Slats

The addition of wooden horizontal slats adds an elegant clean look to a modern door. The slats allow for some privacy; they can have gapping between them or no gap at all. These slats will continue to keep the clean simple lines consistent with modern doors.

Bold Design Option

Modern doors look great with a bold design option. One bold element can be color. Adding a bright bold color to the door enhances the simple sleek lines. Another great bold design option is a porthole window. The contemporary round window adds a bold design element to a simple sleek door design. The bold color can act as an accent to your home. Since the design is simple and clean these bold elements can really enhance the door appeal.

Functioning Hardware

Keeping with the modern design look, most hardware is incorporated into the modern doors. The hardware should help the doors to function with ease. Some great hardware options are sliding, double action hinges, single action hinges, and hidden pivot hinges. The double action hardware will allow the doors to swing in both directions and self-return to center. Pick the best hardware option for your application and design aesthetics. Remember to consider when the door is fully opened with each hardware option. Each hardware has its advantages and disadvantages. Concealed hinges can add to the overall modern design element.

Whether you pick flat panels, glass panels, or slats, you can design the modern doors of your dreams. The doors should be made of high-quality materials. Make sure to choose a door manufacturer that can customize the door to your door opening width. When doors are made to the door opening width installation is a breeze. Another consideration is lead time; some companies can make the doors in weeks and other companies can take 6 months or more. The simple addition of a modern door can really change the overall design feel of a room, office, or home. You can start small with a closet door, bathroom door, or change all the doors for a very dramatic design update. Modern doors design will be a timeless update for years to come.