Choosing the Best Saloon Doors for Your Pantry

Choosing the Best Saloon Doors for Your Pantry

Posted by Todd On 22nd Jun 2021

Choosing the Best Saloon Doors for Your Pantry

When it comes to choosing doors for your pantry, there are several things you need to remember. This is how to pick the best saloon doors.

Did you know that saloon doors are sometimes called batwing doors? These nostalgic entryways are still just as popular now as they were in the Old West. Double action doors can be used in today's modern homes.

Curious about which saloon doors are best for your pantry? Read all about the styles and benefits of saloon doors below.

Easy Access to Your Goods

Tired of getting doorknobs dirty with messy hands? With saloon doors, you can easily access your dry goods.

You can push your way through the opening with your body to browse your ingredients. If you love to spend all day in the kitchen then saloon doors are for you. Since they use double action hinges you can use your knee, elbow or hip to open these non-handed doors.

Saloon doors come in a variety of heights. Some doors are short and allow adults to peek over the top. This is a great way to check what you have in stock. Other doors are taller and can keep out unwanted guests like kids and pets. No matter the size you need, Swinging Cafe Doors offers saloon doors to fit.

Installation Is a Breeze

Some kitchen renovation projects can take days, weeks or months to complete. Installing a saloon door, however, can take a couple hours. All you need are the doors, their hinges, and a few tools.

Instructional videos on how to install your new pantry doors are widely available. Too busy for this quick project? No problem. Many professionals can get this installation done quickly as well.

Selecting the right hardware finish can help bring your saloon door vision to life. Make sure to choose the hinge function and finishing that best complements your kitchen’s style and aesthetic.

Add a Wow Factor to Your Kitchen

Choosing saloon doors doesn’t have to be complicated. Just remember why you’re doing this; to add that wow factor to your pantry and kitchen!

Saloon doors can be a statement piece in any home. The kitchen is a great setting for these doors. Enjoy the nostalgia of butler doors, allowing the doors to keep the mess hidden and the simple function of the double action hinge, so you don't need to use a door knob to open the doors. These doors will bring you joy every time you enter your pantry.

Do you enjoy spicing up your kitchen with a do-it-yourself project? You have the option to buy your salon doors finished or unfinished.

This means that you can customize the exact paint color and style that you want your new pantry doors to have.

Saloon Door Materials

Customize your saloon doors even further by selecting which material you would like them to be made out of. Saloon doors aren’t just for cowboy enthusiasts. We offer double swinging doors in modern, shaker, traditional, western, glass, and barn door designs. Contemporary saloon doors are become a hot new trend in interior doors.

Looking for an elegant option? Consider installing saloon doors with glass inserts. Other saloon door options include lattice, arched top, shaker or raised paneling. Swinging Cafe Doors offers a wide range of design options and wood materials. The possibilities are endless.

Do you want to completely customize your saloon-style pantry doors? Consider getting a custom door made to your exact specifications.

You can choose the materials and have full control over the style and placement of your new saloon door.

The Classic Look: Wooden Saloon Doors

You can’t go wrong with the classic wooden saloon doors. They are simple, elegant, and nostalgic. Wooden doors are easy to paint and maintain as well.

Wooden saloon doors come in a variety of styles. Barn doors are a great choice if you enjoy the country aesthetic look that saloon doors can provide. Looking for something more regal? Consider the custom scroll design.

If you have a colonial-style home then you will be pleased with the abundance of wooden colonial saloon doors that you have to choose from.

Is your home a modern masterpiece? Enjoy the simplicity of a saloon door with clean lines and a fresh coat of white paint.

Take a Peek: Glass Saloon Doors

Glass doors may be the best option for your pantry. Glass doors make it easy to sneak a peek inside your pantry. No matter what height your saloon doors are, glass pantry doors can provide visibility with clear or frosted options.

Show off your organizational skills with clear glass doors. This is also a great way to allow light to flow through small spaces. 

Not ready to allow everyone to see inside of your pantry? No worries. Glass saloon doors also come in frosted options. This way light can still enter your pantry while keeping visibility low.

Get Creative With Chalkboard Saloon Doors

The chalkboard trend is still alive and well. Did you know that you can even add chalkboard paint to your saloon doors? What a great way to update your pantry doors.

Chalkboard paint is a great tool for artists who like to change their kitchen aesthetic often. Not very artistic? Don’t worry, chalkboard saloon doors are for you too. Enjoy writing your grocery lists right outside of your pantry.

These saloon pantry doors are great for families too. Chalkboard saloon doors can keep your children entertained while you prepare meals or continue updating the rest of your kitchen.

Quiet, Elegant, and Easy to Maintain

One of the best parts about saloon doors is that they are quiet. This a big factor to consider if you are in a small space or have a newborn child in your home.

The unique elegance of saloon doors can effortlessly increase the charm of your home. Installing a pair in your pantry is a great place to see if you would like to install more saloon doors in the rest of your home.

Saloon doors are easy to clean and maintain as well. Oftentimes, saloon doors have less surface area than traditional doors so they can save time in your kitchen cleaning routine.

Are Saloon Doors Right for Your Pantry?

Now, you are aware of everything that saloon doors has to offer your kitchen. So, are saloon doors right for you? Choosing the best saloon doors for your pantry can be an enjoyable experience.

If you still have some questions about saloon doors, we’re here to help! Read our other blog articles to find out more about saloon doors and get a custom saloon door quote.