Learn About the Different Types of Swinging Doors: Single Swinging Doors, Bi-Directional & Double Doors

Learn About the Different Types of Swinging Doors: Single Swinging Doors, Bi-Directional & Double Doors

Posted by Amanda On 27th Nov 2023

Types of Swinging Doors Including Single Swinging Doors, Bi-Directional and Double Swinging Doors

Swinging doors are a popular choice in both interior and exterior spaces due to their convenience and ease of use. There are several types of swinging doors, each designed to suit specific needs and spaces:

Single Swinging Door

This is a basic swinging door that swings open in one direction. It can open either inward or outward, depending on the preference and the layout of the space. A single swinging door use standard butt hinge or single action hinge, again both will only allow the door to swing in one direction only. A traditional swinging door that is hinged on one side and will swing in one direction only. The door will swing either inward or outward based on the location of the hinges. These swing action swing doors can be used in interior and exterior applications.

Double Swinging Doors (French Doors): 

Modern Double Swinging French Doors

Double swinging doors consist of two doors that meet in the middle. They are often used for wide entrances and can create an elegant and grand entrance. French doors are a popular example of double swinging doors. French Doors can be installed with standard butt hinge or double action hinges, the hinges can determine the swinging action of the door. A double swing door, the hinges will allow the doors to swing in both directions and automatically return to the center. The door will allow for bi-directional traffic flow. These styles of doors are great for commercial kitchen doors for restaurants, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

Saloon Doors (Café Doors): 

Saloon doors are swinging doors that only cover the lower half of an entrance, leaving the top half open. They are often used in restaurants, bars, and kitchens, allowing easy access while providing a degree of separation. These saloon doors can be in many designs include modern, traditional, barn style, and contemporary designs. Swinging Cafe Doors specialized in saloon doors in all design, widths, and length (including full length doors). 

Bi-Directional Full Length Doors: 

Similar to saloon doors, but full length doors known as butler doors are perfect for kitchen, laundry rooms, and other interior rooms. The doors will swing in both direction and automatically return to center. These doors do not require door handle to open. Saloon doors are half doors that will be installed into a door entry or hallway. These doors can use a spring hinge or a gravity hinge to ensure you have the perfect swinging door for your location.

Bi-Fold Doors: 

Bi-fold doors consist of two panels hinged together that fold in the middle. When opened, they create a wider opening than a regular swinging door. Bi-fold doors are commonly used in closets, laundry rooms, and pantry areas. Bi-fold doors will operate on a track system that is installed, these doors can be louvered or a panel design. 

Swinging Dutch Doors: 

Dutch doors are divided horizontally, allowing the top and bottom halves to be opened and closed independently. They provide the flexibility of both a window and a door, allowing ventilation and interaction without fully opening the door. Dutch doors can be installed in both interior or exterior applications. 

Revolving Doors: 

Revolving doors consist of multiple panels that rotate around a central axis. They are commonly used in high-traffic areas such as hotels, malls, and office buildings. Revolving doors help maintain a consistent indoor temperature by minimizing the exchange of outdoor and indoor air. These are motorized swinging doors that open and close automatically, often triggered by sensors or push buttons. They are commonly found in commercial buildings, shopping malls, and healthcare facilities, providing convenient and accessible entry.

Pivot Doors: 

Pivot doors are hinged at the top and bottom, allowing them to pivot on a central point. This type of swinging door offers a unique and contemporary look. Pivot doors can be large and heavy, providing a sense of grandeur to an entrance. Pivot doors will pivot from one point, these hidden pivot doors will allow for small gaps and are perfect for modern designs.

Slide and Fold Doors (Accordion Doors)

These doors consist of multiple panels that can be folded and stacked neatly to the side, creating a wide opening. They are commonly used in spaces that require a large, unobstructed view or access to the outdoors, such as patios and decks.

Each type of swinging door has its advantages and is suitable for specific applications, so the choice depends on the intended use, available space, and design preferences.

The Industry Leader In Double Swinging Doors

It's important to select the right type of swinging door based on your needs, the traffic flow, and the aesthetics of your space. Each type of swinging door offers unique advantages and considerations, so choosing the appropriate style will depend on your specific requirements. Swinging Cafe Doors has been a leader in double action doors for almost 20 years, we specialize in double action doors and hardware.