Swinging Door Hardware

Besides offering one of the market's most comprehensive swinging saloon door selections, Swinging Café Doors supplies an extensive line of high-performance hardware to handle all your needs. Our products contain premium-grade, durable materials with tight tolerances that deliver many years of reliable service. Our hinge selection features limitless options for nearly any swinging door application, from single- or double-action hinges to pivot and exterior door hinges.

Choosing our hardware over less reliable brands allows your swinging door to operate more efficiently and safely. Our knowledgeable professionals have years of combined experience helping customers choose the perfect hardware for their requirements, whether they need a heavy-duty option for a commercial door or a practical solution for an internal residential door.

Types of Door Hinges and Other Hardware We Offer

Several examples of the hinges and hardware we offer include:

  • Double-action spring hinges: Double-action spring hinges are one of our most popular hardware for swinging doors. These hinges allow doors to move in both directions and automatically return to the opening's center. We offer double-action hinges and use springs to close the doors. 
  • Single-action hinges: Single-action hinges are traditional designs that allow a door to open in one direction. We offer single-action styles with removable or non-removable pins in various colors and finishes for light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications. 
  • Pivot hinges: Pivot hinges allow doors to swing on the same axis from the top and bottom. Because they are mortised on a vertical axis, these hinges differ from traditional double-action spring hinges. The pivot hinges use gravity to pull the doors closed offers a softer quiet swing. 
  • Invisible Hinges:  Hidden pivot hinges are offered in a broad design range, including concealed, L-shape and center-axis hinges. They will not allow the doors to swing in both directions.
  • Bommer hinges: Bommer is one of the most widely recognized names in the hinge industry. For decades, Bommer has manufactured some of the industry's most durable and high-performing hinges locally in the United States. Swinging Café Doors offers a complete lineup of Bommer products, including single-action, double-action and pivot hinges. In 2022 Bommer announced they were closing their hinge division, Swinging Café Doors has some hardware in stock in 2023.
  • Exterior hinges and outdoor hardware: Our extensive hardware selection also features products for all your gate and external door needs. Options include rust-resistant double-action, spring-loaded and T-gate designs.
  • Accessories: Our swinging door accessories can add a personal touch to your interior or exterior door, whether you want a rustic, traditional appearance or a sleek, modern look. Products include pulls, latches, push plates and more.

Benefits of Partnering With Swinging Café Doors for Commercial and Residential Door Hinges

For years, Swinging Café Doors has led the way in high-quality swinging doors, hinges and accessories. Our state-of-the-art facility near Pittsburgh allows us to service customers across the United States and beyond. Despite our extensive service area, our knowledgeable, dedicated staff is committed to giving you the personalized attention you deserve to find a solution for your swinging door needs.

All our products are made in the United States with superior craftsmanship and the highest-grade materials. We also offer free shipping for many of our doors and hardware across the continental USA.

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